Kids say the funniest things


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Quotes from brothers Jameson, 7, and Seamus, 5, over the years

Submitted by their mother Kathy Custer

(3-year-old Jameson talking with the Nanny)

Jameson: “I love my mom cause she is nice. Let’s keep her.”


(Our dog, Ipo, has fur-color markings of white on his paws and the rest of his body is brown)

Jameson: “Does Ipo wear the same white socks every day?”


Mom: “You sure have gone pee a lot today.”

Jameson: “I’m a drinking machine. Drinking machines never eat. They just drink, drink, drink.”


Jameson: “I like Ipo. Let’s keep him. Let’s give him gentle pets and not squeeze his eyeballs.”


Jameson: “Why aren’t we doing anything?”

Mom: “We’re having a little down time.”

Jameson: “I want to have a little up time.”


(Training Ipo doggy)

Mom: “Ok, so we have done sit, lay down, and shake. Which trick should we have Ipo do next?”

Jameson: “Let’s have him turn into a bulldozer.”


(While playing in the toy room together)

3-yr-old Jameson: “Mamma what are those lines on your forehead?”

Mom: “What lines?”

(Jameson continues playing while mom gets up from the carpet to go look in the mirror)

Mom: “Oh my goodness; I have wrinkles!?”


3-yr-old Jameson: “I can’t get up from the carpet because my bones are not working. I need to recharge them.”


(3-yr-old Jameson is being loud while playing)

Mom (in a quiet voice): “Baby brother is sleeping. Use your whisper voice.”

(Jameson follows mom into the other room where 1-yr-old baby Seamus is sleeping. Jameson holds onto mom’s leg as she leans over the sleeping baby to adjust his blanket)

Jameson: (Says something in a whisper)

Mom: (Smiles down at Jameson)

(Jameson shouts at the top of his lungs): “Hurray, I whispered! Hurrah, I did it!”


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