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Open letter to Jim Desmond regarding Bonsall Community Park

I’m in receipt of Mark Kieser’s email of 10/25/23 wherein he discussed how he arrived at his conclusion that Bonsall should have a highly active park, Plan A. His email referenced that he received input from Vista, Fallbrook, other surrounding areas.

Please be advised that Vista and Fallbrook and other surrounding areas have no influence of any kind in Bonsall and vice versa.

The Bonsall Community Sponsor Group (BCSG) unanimously voted for Plan B on Feb. 4, 2020. BCSG is the only final word regarding everything that happens in Bonsall… including the Bonsall Community Park.

Yet, Kieser ignored the BCSG vote for Plan B, subsequently gathered input and consent from Vista and Fallbrook and other surrounding areas that the Bonsall park should have Plan A, and falsely concluded that Bonsall should have a Plan A park.

The BCSG park vote for Plan B “cannot be ignored.” This action will start an undesirable, uncontrollable precedent for Bonsall.


Deborah Howard

What Bonsall residents should do now: Email San Diego County District 5 Supervisor, Jim Desmond at [email protected] and tell him “Plan B, not Plan A, is what our Bonsall Community Sponsor Group ‘unanimously’ voted for on February 4, 2020, pursuant to the Regular Meeting Minutes dated February 4, 2020, on file. The Bonsall Community Sponsor Group is our only representative link to the county and I request that you remain consistent with what has already been decided which is Plan B, not Plan A.”


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