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Fallbrook Woman's Club honors female veterans

FALLBROOK – Fallbrook Woman's Club paid tribute to military veterans at their recent general meeting. Members of the club presented an entertaining and informative skit representing veteran women.

Roxann Clouse became Rosie the Riveter while sharing stories of the many real Rosie the Riveters. They came from many walks of life and performed endless tasks previously performed by their husbands, brothers, fathers and boyfriends.

Wearing a typical factory worker's coveralls and the very recognizable red and white polka dot bandana, she shared true stories of working in the factories from Corsair in Long Island, the Willow Run tank factory in Detroit, to the Pioneer Parachute company in Massachusetts to the shipyards in San Diego and the Air station in Alameda.

Pam Hermansader, a pilot herself and member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots known as the WASPS, portrayed Bee Falk Haydu, who was one of the first woman to fly military aircraft. Falk Haydu spent her time testing the aircraft that had been repaired, rebuilt and put back into military action.

At the end of the war in 1944, the WASP program was disbanded. She loved flying and continued her training. She, along with her husband Joe, opened a Cessna dealership. She started a flight school to train other veterans as well. Falk Haydu, along with others, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for their service. Bee passed away at the age of 100.

Pauline Williams, a Navy veteran herself, provided very informative and interesting facts of her service as well as benefits and the many challenges today's women in the military face.

Not only do they have the same type of disabilities as their male counterparts, but they also deal with non-visual disabilities such as PTSD, discrimination in a male dominated environment and peer sexual violence.

Women now, unlike in WWII, are granted the same status and benefits of the males in the military. They are involved in combat, serve aboard ships, fly all types of aircraft, and serve in every aspect of military service from Drill Instructors to Generals.

California alone has over 163,000 women veterans. Williams encouraged any woman who is a veteran or knows of family members who are veterans to register in the Women's Veteran Roster.

Along with the informative and entertaining presentation, Fallbrook Woman's Club recognized their invited guests, the veteran spouses of the members. They were also treated to a very appropriate WWII flashback lunch of chipped beef on toast, SOS.

Fallbrook Woman's Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. For more information follow us on Facebook or visit

Submitted by the Fallbrook Woman's Club.


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