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Joint Missile Maintenance Facility coming to Fallbrook

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – The Letterkenny Munitions Center (LEMC) and the Naval Air Systems Command, Program Executive Office, Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons, have joined forces to co-operate the state-of-the-art NAVAIR Armament Repair Facility at the Seal Beach – Naval Weapons Station Detachment Fallbrook.

The U.S. Navy will furnish the essential equipment, core staff, and facilities, while the U.S. Army will contribute the specialized personnel necessary for the workforce. In this partnership, the Navy and the Army will leverage their unique capabilities to efficiently manage the armament systems maintenance operation.

"This strategic collaboration embodies a harmonious blend of knowledge, resources, and unwavering commitment to enhancing the upkeep and preparedness of vital missile systems," said Lt. Col. Kimberly Deaton, LEMC's commander. "With LEMC's well-established expertise in munitions support and PEO U&W's unmatched proficiency in aviation and missile systems, this cooperative endeavor holds the potential to establish ground-breaking benchmarks in the industry.

"This alliance unites the competencies of both organizations to stimulate advancements and uphold exceptional standards in the realm of missile systems. Additionally, it provides joint warfighters with the advantage of heightened operational readiness by extending their technical expertise," Deaton added. "In essence, this collaboration not only fosters innovation but also enhances operational efficiency for those on the front lines."

Key highlights of the joint missile maintenance facility include:

• Cutting-edge technology: The facility will be equipped with the latest in missile and armament maintenance technology, ensuring precision, reliability, and efficiency in servicing a diverse range of weapon systems.

• Highly skilled workforce: Experts from both LEMC and PEO (U&W) will work in tandem to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in all operations.

• Enhanced capabilities: The facility will possess the capacity to conduct comprehensive maintenance, repair, overhaul, and testing of various missile platforms and armament systems, bolstering national defense preparedness by offering a strategically important West Coast maintenance capability.

• Sustainment innovation hub: LEMC and PEO (U&W) are committed to fostering an environment of innovation and continuous improvement, where sustainment research and development efforts are directed towards advancing and improving missile system operational availability.

• Streamlined Processes: The collaboration between LEMC and PEO (U&W) will result in optimized supply chain management, reducing lead times and ensuring timely availability of critical components.

"We have every reason to believe that this collaboration will not only strengthen our individual competencies, but also establish a fresh precedent for cooperative initiatives within the Organic Industrial Base," said Col. Ronnie Anderson Jr., the commander of the Joint Munitions Command. "Collectively, we are well-positioned to assume a crucial role in ensuring munitions readiness."

LEMC, located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is a subordinate of JMC. The installation conducts regional and contingency distribution of munitions, precision-guided munitions maintenance and munitions demilitarization for Army requirements in support of all Department of Defense and international partners to provide readiness to the Warfighter.

JMC provides precise and predictive conventional munitions sustainment and life cycle management to an expeditionary global force from 17 arsenals, depots, and ammo plants across the spectrum of conflict in support of the Joint Force.

The NAVAIR Armament Repair Facility in Fallbrook is a maintenance facility that already exists.

Submitted by the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command.


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