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How healthy is your milk?

Organic almond Malk only has three ingredients: filtered water, organic almonds and Himalayan pink salt, nothing else. Village News/Courtesy photo

I'll cut to the chase – likely very questionable.

Do yourself a favor. Turn your milk container around. It doesn't matter if you drink whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, or cashew milk. Turn it around.

Look at the ingredients.

If it seems:

You can't pronounce them

Have no idea what they are, or

It's a tremendously long list (just for milk)

It may be time to re-evaluate your weekly milk purchase choice.

Milk is not just milk anymore. What was delivered to our parents or grandparents decades ago is for the most part, quite the opposite of what's being offered to us at the store.

If you go to the farmer's market and get truly fresh milk – good for you.

My two cents – look at your milk's label. This is a game changer. Let me tell you about my current go-to.

I recently discovered the brand Malk Organics. Its Organic Vanilla Almond Malk is always in my refrigerator.

Why I love it

Three ingredients: filtered water, organic almonds, Himalayan pink salt

Certified Organic (USDA)

Glyphosate-free (Glyphosate is one of the world's most common weed killers that finds its way in your food sources)

How it's different than others

· No gums

· No fillers

· No oils

· No gluten

· Nothing artificial

How I use it

· As a substitute in baking/cooking

· With protein shakes (ratio: 3/4 water; 1/4 Almond Malk)

· As a coffee creamer replacement

The icing on the cake? Their brand's hashtag: #turnitaround

Isn't it worth turning the container/bottle/package around on everything you buy? Slowly but surely, you can make a difference with your health.

Let's achieve healthier bodies together. Let's support companies who believe in transparency, our health, and the environment.

If you have a health-related question submit it here

I want society as a whole to achieve a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Check out Malk Organics at

Shelby Ramsey is a health journalist and publisher of


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