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The spiraling demise of our nation

In the year 2024 of our Lord, America's story reads like a Greek tragedy, a sordid tale that not even the revered sixteenth-century scholar Nostradamus could have predicted. After decades of political dominance decimating the core values that define our country, we find ourselves bracing for the spiraling demise of our nation.

Our bridges and highways are crumbling under the sheer weight of neglect. Our public schools have become indoctrination centers fostering Marxist maxims. Boys compete in girls' sports and shower in girls' locker rooms. Christians and Catholics are slandered and branded as fanatics and right-wing nationalists.

Students sympathetic to Hamas and other jihadi extremists are protesting on college campuses, hurling racial epithets at Jews and calling for the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel. Madness has engulfed America, and we have Biden and his American-hating cronies to blame for it.

Our economy has plummeted since Biden's inauguration. Bidenomics has been a windfall for Biden's donors but an abject failure for the rest of us. Since Biden took office, the cumulative inflation rate has soared to 20%, and our national debt has surpassed the 35 trillion dollar mark. Yet, Biden continues to shovel billions of dollars into Ukraine to protect their borders but lacks the will or the resources to secure our southern border.

Meanwhile, the bloodletting continues across the nation. Our cities are plagued by homelessness and paralyzed by rampant criminality. Our borders are under siege by waves of law-breaking invaders that Democrat mouthpieces euphemistically call newcomers!

Four carefully choreographed show trials meant to squash Trump's chances of winning in November are underway by partisan hacks masquerading as judges in black robes while ignoring decades of civil rights laws once enshrined in the hallowed hallways of American jurisprudence.

While Biden is free to campaign in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, Trump is embroiled in a slew of erroneous lawsuits, sequestered in court, and deprived of his First Amendment rights.

Americans of all political stripes should be incredulous over the depravity that torments our nation. But are they? There is no denying the Democrat Party's unbending lurch to the left or their penchant for remaking America into a Faustian nightmare. But will they succeed? Some would argue they already have.

Final thoughts: A crisis of morality has enveloped the nation, leaving nothing unharmed from the wickedness unleashed by decades of the Democrat Party's political dominance. But will there be enough disgruntled Democrats who will cross party lines and vote to end this insidious Marxist juggernaut? Or will America become indistinguishable from the places where Biden's coveted "Newcomers" are fleeing from?

Dave Maynard


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