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BUSD approves long-range facilities master plan

The Bonsall Unified School District approved a long-range facilities master plan.

The BUSD board voted 4-0 April 2, with Michael Gaddis absent, to approve the master plan. The plan identifies recommended improvements which would cost $126,664,762.50 in current dollars.

“A long-range facilities plan is critical to great learning,” said BUSD Superintendent Joseph Clevenger. “It’s critical for any organization not only to know where they are currently but also where they’re going.”

The district commissioned Eric Hall & Associates to develop the long-range facilities master plan. “They really helped us identify where we need to invest and what we need to purchase,” Clevenger said.

Although Bonsall Elementary School is the oldest school in the district, that facility was renovated in 2005 and currently has 84,290 square feet of building facilities with 37 permanent and five portable classrooms. The 17.1-acre campus also has 245 parking spaces along with a transportation compound. During the 2023-24 school year, 918 students were enrolled in Bonsall Elementary School.

Bonsall West Elementary School was built in 2007 and is on 12.44 acres. The 2023-24 enrollment is 406 students. The school has 47,631 square feet of building space with 17 permanent and eight portable classrooms along with 83 parking spaces.

Sullivan Middle School and Bonsall High School currently share a 17-acre campus which has 126 parking spaces. The middle school has an enrollment of 519 and 44,290 square feet of building space while the high school has 333 students and 34,374 square feet of facilities. Two permanent and 21 portable classrooms are used for Sullivan Middle School while 12 permanent and 11 portable classrooms are used by Bonsall High School students.

The school district also operates Vivian Banks Charter School on the Pala Indian Reservation and leases that facility which is part of the Mission San Antonio de Pala church on the reservation. The Bonsall Community Center land is owned by the Bonsall Unified School District.

The Eric Hall & Associates report made findings that the district’s permanently constructed buildings and classrooms are in generally good condition although the portable buildings, especially at Sullivan Middle School and Bonsall High School, are beyond useful life.

The findings also included that the gymnasium at the middle school and high school is undersized for high school sports and that schools with inadequate controlled access points should be considered for security upgrades such as electronic access, buzzer systems, secure vestibules, and cameras.

The project list includes $32,500,000 for a new 50,000 square foot facility to accommodate future student growth. The $32,776,550 expected cost for the Bonsall High School projects includes $18,000,000 for a gymnasium meeting CIF size regulations and also having a dance room and a band room in the 18,000 square foot facility, and $8,000,000 for an 8,000 square foot theater building.

The project list also includes $1,920,000 for a 1,920 square foot new classroom building, $1,500,000 for a staff lounge which will also include a meeting room in the 1,500 square feet, $1,200,000 for expansion and modernization of restrooms, and $1,062,500 for an 85,000 square foot high school athletic field which will have a baseball diamond and can be used for other sports.

The $24,806,250 planned for Sullivan Middle School includes $23,200,000 to replace portable classrooms and $1,170,000 for athletic field improvements and repairs.

The Bonsall West Elementary School desired improvements would cost $29,735,740 and include $24,800,000 for classroom modernization and $2,762,500 for field improvement. The $4,510,700 for Vivian Banks Charter School facilities includes $2,000,000 for a full renovation of the kitchen and $1,235,000 for fields.

Bonsall Elementary School needs are anticipated to cost $1,721,937.50 in current dollars and include $721,000 to replace technology equipment and $300,000 for barriers and partitions in the boys restroom to ensure privacy from courtyard activities.

The planned expenses for the district office are $560,000 including $525,000 to replace the portable building used for maintenance and transportation activities. Spending $39,750 at the Bonsall Community Center would include $33,750 to replace the carpet.

The district also owns the Old Bonsall Schoolhouse building whose $14,125 planned expenses consist of $7,875 for a fire alarm system and $6,250 for electrical outlets.

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