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A fitting ending for a Marxist Regime

America is awash in political warfare, with two embittered rivals vying for control of our country. Captivated by the romanticism of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Democrat Party is undergoing an ideological realignment, a marriage between the twentieth-century progressive sophistries of President Woodrow Wilson and the nineteenth-century egalitarian eccentricities of Karl Marx.

What may have seemed impossible a decade or so ago has happened. With JFK's legacy fading as fast as Biden's memory, the Marxist takeover of the Democratic Party is now a fait accompli.

After decades of political obscurity, the Republican Party has resurfaced as a stalwart defender of liberty. What we are witnessing is nothing short of a political phenomenon, an amalgamation of working-class and faith-based Americans of all races and political persuasions galvanized by one edifying purpose: to Make America Great Again!

As the left plunges head-first into the brackish waters of failing Marxist maxims, waves of clear-eyed Americans are answering the clarion call, desperate to relive the days of peace and prosperity and return to the transformative years of the Trump era.

Much is at stake in the next election. With a bare-knuckle brawl underway between two political combatants, the spoils of victory could not be more consequential. As we know, Biden will use federal agencies to persecute, prosecute, and incarcerate his political adversaries. But he is not the first president to misuse his executive powers.

In 1798, Federalist President John Adams enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts, which limited free speech and thwarted Republican attempts to derail his reelection bid. Even Republican luminaries like Patrick Henry and James Madison holstered their quill pens and softened their barbed tongues, fearing Adam's reprisals. But Americans would have none of this political chicanery.

On March 4, 1801, Adam's penchant for abridging the civil rights of his political foes came to a resounding end when Thomas Jefferson placed his hand on the King James Bible and proudly swore to uphold the Constitution as our third president. The Federalists paid a heavy price for their duplicitous acts, losing the Presidency and their majorities in both Houses of Congress to the Republicans.

Final thoughts: As of Memorial Day weekend, Trump is trouncing Biden in the polls. It may be premature to write Biden's political obituary, but barring the left's irresistible inclination to engage in election fraud, we may indeed weather the Marxist makeover Democrats have planned for us!

One can only hope history will revisit the Adams era on election day and hand Biden a well-deserved defeat – like the reckoning Napoleon received at Waterloo or the shellacking Washington inflicted on Cornwallis at Yorktown – a fitting ending for a Marxist regime.

Dave Maynard


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