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FPUD renews MRCD lease for Fallbrook Community Garden

The Mission Resource Conservation District leases 0.58 acres of Fallbrook Public Utility District property for the Fallbrook Community Garden, and that lease had a Monday, June 17, 2024, expiration date. The FPUD board meeting Wednesday, May 29, included a 4-0 vote, with Ken Endter absent, to extend the lease for another five years.

The lease will now expire June 17, 2029. The MRCD will pay FPUD a dollar a year to rent the Alturas Road property.

Although the MRCD is the formal lessee and the lease prohibits any sublease or assignment of the lease without FPUD’s consent, the MRCD partners with local community organizations and volunteers to maintain the garden and to offer garden beds at no or low cost to Fallbrook community members. The leasehold site has raised garden beds and a garden shed and also has basic plumbing and a water meter.

MRCD may maintain and improve the community garden without any additional permission from FPUD. If any other lawful use is desired, FPUD written permission must be provided.

The lease prohibits on-site sales of products grown on the site, and all activities must have whatever proper licensing or permitting is necessary. Any improvements other than temporary fencing which are made to the site will become FPUD property after the lease ends.

The RCD has Community Service Water User status for Fallbrook Community Garden, and FPUD does not charge for the potable water provided as long as the total water use does not exceed two acre-feet a year.

Any water use in excess of two acre-feet will be billed at FPUD’s normal irrigation rate. The MRCD is not required to pay FPUD’s monthly Water Fixed Service Charge, Capital Improvement Charge or Backflow Device Charge.

The cost for any other utilities will be paid by the MRCD. It includes any electricity used and any sanitation or refuse removal costs. If fertilizers are used on the property the MRCD will be responsible for complying with all FPUD cross-connection and backflow policies.

The MRCD is financially responsible, if not provided by donors, for construction of irrigation systems, fencing and all other necessary supplies and equipment required for growing fruits and vegetables including the plants themselves. FPUD must approve any fencing plans.

Low water use application technology such as high-efficiency irrigation emitters and drip lines will be used for irrigation. The MRCD will prepare an irrigation plan for FPUD’s approval before installation, and irrigation runoff from the site is not allowed. Any fertilizer and growth aids must be applied using injection application technology.

Any nitrogen application is limited to no deeper than the root zone and no migration from the site is allowed. Nutrient management procedures and pest management practices must comply with the Natural Resource Conservation Service conservation practices standards.

FPUD must approve any pesticides and herbicides proposed including specific materials, application schedules and application rates. Any pesticides used must have a surface loss potential of medium or less and a leaching potential of small.

No trucks on the premises may exceed 10 wheels, and all tractors must have wheels. No more than five RCD employees or contractors may be on the leasehold property at a time.

FPUD has the right to terminate the lease upon 90 days' written notice if the land would be required for waste treatment or for environmental protection or other FPUD waste treatment and disposal requirements.

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