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FPUD purchases pump skid to pump Red Mountain Reservoir water to De Luz

The Fallbrook Public Utility District has plans for a new pump station which will allow water from Red Mountain Reservoir to be pumped to De Luz. An analysis of the least expensive way to provide water to De Luz until that pump station is operational indicated that the purchase of a pump skid to pump Santa Margarita River Conjunctive Use Project supply from Red Mountain would be the most cost-efficient option, so the FPUD board approved a motion to acquire a pump skid Wednesday, May 29.

The 5-0 vote authorizes the purchase of a pump skid from Sloan Electromechanical Service and Sales. The San Diego company will be paid $69,329. A pump skid includes the pump and a motor coupled together and mounted on a steel baseplate.

De Luz is currently hydraulically isolated from the rest of the FPUD distribution system. The De Luz area receives water from a separate Metropolitan Water District of Southern California connection. FPUD partnered in the Santa Margarita River Conjunctive Use Project which constructed facilities to convey water from the Santa Margarita River basin.

Installing a pump station which will allow water to be pumped from Red Mountain Reservoir to De Luz will allow Conjunctive Use Project water to be distributed to all portions of the FPUD service area, which will allow FPUD to meet 100% of demands without importing any water. The new pump station will also provide operational flexibility.

During the FPUD board meeting, Feb. 26, a 5-0 vote approved a professional services agreement with Ardurra for hydraulic modeling and design services for the De Luz Pump Station.

The design, permitting, bid and construction phases may not be complete for another two years, so FPUD evaluated options to pump water into De Luz. One option was a pump rental while purchases of skid pumps from Sloan and from Rain for Rent, which is headquartered in Bakersfield, were also considered.

The calculations for the option which would provide the greatest economic benefit to FPUD were based on projected demand to De Luz of 1,246 acre-feet over 24 months, a wholesale water cost to purchase supply from the Eastern Municipal Water District of $1,267 per acre-foot, a cost of $775 per acre-foot for water produced from FPUD, and pumping costs for the Gheen Pump Station of $81,698.40 over the 24-month period. Rental of an electric pump would have a monthly rental cost of $8,494.39 which equates to $203,865.36 for the 24-month period, monthly fees of $596.34 or $14,312.16 for 24 months and a one-time service items cost of $3,315. That creates a total 24-month cost of $303,190.92 for the rental option including the electricity which equates to $243.33 per acre-foot and creates a total FPUD cost of $1,018.33 per acre-foot to supply water to De Luz.

The price to purchase a pump from Rain for Rent would be $97,251.28 plus $7,780.10 in sales tax for a total of $186,729.78 including the electricity costs. The $149.86 per acre-foot for that option would result in total FPUD costs of $924.86 per acre-foot to convey water to De Luz.

The $69,329 Sloan Electromechanical Service and Sales will receive for the pump will be augmented by $5,546.32 for sales tax and the electricity cost. The $156,573.72 equates to $125.66 per acre-foot and thus a total cost of $900.66 per acre-foot for FPUD water distributed to De Luz. The total $1,122,223.72 cost for 1,246 acre-feet over 24 months would save $456,458.28 from the $1,578,682.00 total cost of obtaining imported water from Eastern.

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