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TAC recommends retention of Flowerwood Lane 25 mph speed limit

The county’s Traffic Advisory Committee has recommended that the 25 mph speed limit on Flowerwood Lane between Knottwood Way and Gird Road be retained.

The June 7 TAC vote to recommend retention of the speed limit along that 1.35-mile segment with recertification of that speed limit for radar enforcement was unanimous.

Any TAC recommendation for a regulatory action must be approved by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and the county’s Department of Public Works (DPW) expects an Oct. 9 Board of Supervisors hearing.

In order for a speed limit to be enforceable by radar, a speed survey must show that the speed limit is within an adjacent 5 mph increment to the 85th percentile speed. Periodic recertification, including a supporting speed survey, is required for continued radar enforcement and DPW or a contractor typically conducts speed surveys every seven years.

The speed limit may be rounded either up or down from the 85th percentile speed. The speed limit may also be rounded down an additional 5 mph if findings are made that the road has conditions which would not be apparent to a motorist unfamiliar with the road.

Although the 85th percentile speed of 32.2 mph would have warranted a 30 mph speed limit in the absence of findings, the TAC made findings of the presence of golf carts and curves which limit visibility.

In 2015, DPW accepted Flowerwood Lane and several side streets created by the Sycamore Ranch development into the public road system. The acceptance of the roads as public was a condition of a previously-approved subdivision map, so no Board of Supervisors action was necessary for the road acceptance although board action was required in 2016 for a speed limit on the 1.17-mile segment of Flowerwood Lane between State Route 76 and Knottwood Drive and to make enforceable the stop signs on side streets which were installed by the developer's contractor.

The stop signs are at Staghorn Court, Limber Pine Road, Brushwood Lane, and Mendenaro Court where those streets end at Flowerwood Lane.

A September 2015 speed survey 800 feet north of Limber Pine Road measured 83 vehicles which had an 85th percentile of 32 mph with 87% of the drivers traveling within a 10 mph pace of 23‑32 mph. In October 2015, the TAC made findings of residential density, pedestrian traffic, and three golf cart crossings to allow a 25 mph speed limit to be enforced by radar.

Flowerwood Lane between Knottwood Way and Gird Road is a striped two-lane road ranging in width from 35 to 40 feet. It is not classified in the mobility element network of the county's general plan. A March 31, 2024, traffic survey taken 870 feet north of Brushwood Lane indicated an average daily traffic volume of 547 vehicles consisting of 302 northbound and 245 southbound drivers.

The August 2015 traffic survey taken in the 3800 block of Flowerwood Lane revealed a two-way average daily traffic volume of 460 vehicles. During the 36-month period from Jan. 1, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2023, no reported collisions occurred on Flowerwood Lane between Knottwood Way and Gird Road.

The speed survey was also taken 870 feet north of Brushwood Lane and was conducted on March 20, 2024, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The 100 vehicles had a 10 mph pace of 24-33 mph. The fastest driver crossed the survey point at 39 mph while the slowest motorist was traveling at 20 mph. The most common speeds were 30 mph with 14 drivers, 27 mph with 11 motorists, and 25 mph with nine vehicles.

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