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When should a child go to a chiropractor?

Making decisions regarding a child's health seems to be a constant. Have you ever wondered when a child should go to a chiropractor?

Does your child have any of these symptoms?

· Trouble latching

· Acid reflux

· Gas

· Difficulty pooping

· Colic

· Recurrent ear infections

· Bed wetting

· Growing pains

In Dr. Mandi McCoy's experience, the top reason for chiropractic care in her infant patient population is difficulty with latching.

She explains the link below that's worth sharing with your pregnant friends or storing in the memory box if you plan to have a child.

If in addition to trouble latching your child has suffered from reflux, gas, difficulty pooping, and colic, "a lot of the time these issues actually stem back to issues with latching that they did not notice."

While ear infections are not a guaranteed fix through chiropractic care, she said it is something they can help with. This is because "sometimes "it just boils down to the anatomy of the eustachian tube, and there is not much we can do with that."

If your child wets the bed, it may be helpful to research and consult with a chiropractor. Why?

"Out of the patients that I have seen for this, I would say about 50% of improve with chiropractic care."

There has been some research pointing to the link between a pinched nerve and bed wetting. Chiropractic adjustments may help even the slightest misalignments of the spine to best align the balance between nerves.

What causes it?

"Sometimes it is still the nerves that are causing the issues, but not that they are getting pinched, more so that they are not quite mature enough yet."

McCoy's approach serves as good advice as she "typically does a three-week trial of care with patients in this scenario. At that point we will have a good enough base to know if it is helping or not. I also give parents a lot of tips to try at home to see if that can help as well."

I think it's imperative to team with a practitioner like McCoy, who is tracking progress and identifying whether or not treatment for any health condition is assisting the patient.

As children age "growing pains" are common. Pain is most often felt in their legs. After checking structurally (back, hip, knees, ankle), McCoy broaches the hydration topic.

This is due to the fact that "growing pains can be confused with dehydration since that can cause muscle cramping."

Once she pinpoints growing pains, she recommends a magnesium supplement since it "can help calm down the muscle spasms." For a specific growing pain region like the legs, "there is lotion with magnesium in it that they can rub directly on the area so those muscles are able to absorb the magnesium."

I hope you and your family seek out help, advice and proper care to achieve the state of health you seek.

Dr. Mandi McCoy treats all ages, but specializes in treating the pregnant and pediatric population.


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