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Film festival coming to Fallbrook

In downtown Fallbrook, excitement is buzzing as a second Independent Film Festival is approaching on July 20, being held in the Mission Theater by Corey Ramsey. Ramsey is not only the brainchild of the festival, but a man whose life journey has been woven through literature, education, military service, and now filmmaking. The red carpet welcome starts at 6 p.m., the movies start at 7:00

Ramsey, with his distinctive background as an English teacher, an author, and combat veteran turned filmmaker, had always seen stories as a gateway to understanding the human psyche. His path, winding through teaching and counseling, culminated in the creation of compelling narratives that now find life on the screen.

The Mission Theater at 231 N. Main Ave. is at the heart of this burgeoning festival. Ramsey said his eyes lit up the first time he stepped into the historic building, with its old-world charm speaking to his cinematic aspirations. He hopes to build on Fallbrook's love for independent films and the attendance at the theater.

"I would like to bring new movies and festivals back to the town of Fallbrook, to give independent filmmakers a chance to show their talents on the big screen."

He's encouraged as the community already attends weekly classic movies in the theater. He also believes this is a great time for independent films across the Southland.

"I've attended movies at the theater and can see that Fallbrook already has an appreciation for film and there are so many independent filmmakers in the area. Last week at the Harmony Gold Theater in L.A., they showed 10 films for a film festival, and it was standing room only."

Ramsey's Southern California Film Coalition Series is the second one. The first was in October 2023 and it was held at Mission Theater. "I thought we had a pretty good attendance, and we expect it will be better this time."

Alongside his own productions, "Table for Two" and the newly completed "Too Good to be True," are six other award-winning films. Each selection is a gem in its own right, carefully curated to offer a diverse tapestry of storytelling.

Ramsey, never one to shy away from engaging his audience, has planned intimate Q&A sessions after each screening. For him, connecting with the viewers means sharing the insights behind the camera, revealing the magic that turned scripts into moving images.

For Ramsey, this festival isn't just about showcasing films; it's about forging connections. It is about honoring the artistry of independent filmmakers and celebrating the power of storytelling that transcended boundaries.

As the sun sets on July 20, the Mission Theater's doors will open wide, welcoming residents and curious souls alike to an evening that promises not just entertainment, but a journey into the depths of imagination – one frame at a time.

"I used to teach English years ago before the military ... and one of my degrees is in English. I have a love for reading. After the military, I decided to start writing." His favorite genre is fiction. "I write in the same vein as The Twilight Zone and the writer Richard Matheson. He had an impact on me in writing short stories. I've written seven books. I've written three volumes of 'Tales of the Unexpected' short stories, then a science fiction series Opportvnvs Adest. The Series is a four-part apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy series that chronicles events that lead to the end of days for Earth. The series was published in June 2017.

Ramsey's "Table for Two" was released in August 2023. It's still in the film festival circuit and has garnered 17 awards so far.


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