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Welcome to the Grand New Party

For years, the two political parties were practically indistinguishable from one another, except for eight glorious years when the expansion of government came to a grinding halt. But when Reagan's second term ended, the administrative state found its footing and slowly slithered back into our lives.

Seven years later, despite Clinton's predictions and prognostications, the era of big government was far from over. In the ensuing years, the administrative state's tentacles would encroach on our lives in unimaginable ways that not even Nostradamus could have foreseen. But this, too, is about to come to an inglorious end.

Today, a political renaissance is unfolding, with millions of liberty-loving Americans coalescing around a populist leader who is single-handedly reshaping the political landscape and redefining what it is to be a Republican!

Carved in the likeness of Ronald Reagan, President Trump has given new life to an aging political dynasty, rekindled the essence of patriotism, and forged an unbreakable bond with working-class Americans!

You see, the Grand Ole Party is no longer the Party of meek men who cower in the marbled corridors on Capitol Hill – men seemingly unphased by decades of legislative losses or by the precipitous decline of our nation. With Trump leading the way and Congressional women like Elise Stefanik, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Anna Paulina Luna at his side, it appears the GOP has found its backbone again.

And while the Democrats marinate in the dark arts of neo-Marxism, the GOP has walked away from its former listless self and is riding high atop a towering wave of populism that is washing over the nation.

Meanwhile, voters from all corners of the country are fleeing the Democrat Party, repulsed by their malignant ideas and governing practices and incredulous over the undulating waves of criminal aliens swarming over the southern border.

As Biden's poll numbers plummet, Democrats concede Republicans are seizing the political high ground, leaving few avenues for victory in November. If the reactions to Trump tribunals are any indication, the bloodletting for Democrats is far from over. Their trickery has backfired, reversing the political inertia and inspiring legions of impassioned voters to rush into the outstretched arms of President Trump and the "Grand New Party!"

Dave Maynard


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