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Enhancing oncology care: A new approach at Rancho Springs and Inland Valley Hospitals

SOUTHWEST Riverside COUNTY – In a significant stride towards improving oncology care in Southwest Riverside County, Oncology Rancho Springs and Inland Valley Hospitals have launched a pioneering initiative: the Southwest Healthcare Oncology Program. This initiative promises to redefine cancer care delivery through a patient-centric, team-based model that aims to enhance every aspect of the patient journey from screening to survivorship.

Patient-centric care redefined

The cornerstone of the Southwest Healthcare Oncology Program lies in its commitment to providing seamless, comprehensive care that eases the burden on patients and caregivers alike. Central to this approach are oncology navigators who serve as dedicated guides, navigating the complexities of cancer care logistics so that patients can focus wholeheartedly on their health and recovery. This personalized support ensures that patients receive clear explanations of their medical journey, fostering a deeper understanding of their treatment options and processes.

Key benefits for patients and providers

The benefits of this innovative program extend beyond individual patient care to overall healthcare efficiency and outcomes. For patients, the program offers personalized care plans tailored to their specific needs and diagnoses, coordinated appointment scheduling, and direct connections to crucial resources such as support groups and financial aid. Emotional support is also paramount, with compassionate guidance available at every step of the treatment journey.

Providers, too, experience enhanced benefits including streamlined care coordination, improved patient adherence to treatment plans, and increased overall patient satisfaction. By focusing on proactive follow-up care, the program aims to minimize complications and hospital readmissions, ultimately leading to better long-term outcomes for patients.

How to get involved

The Southwest Healthcare Oncology Program encourages healthcare providers and community members alike to get involved. Whether through referrals or seeking more information about the Care Management Pilot Project, interested parties can reach out via email at [email protected] or by phone at 951-600-4348.

Meet the team

Leading this initiative is Ashlee Collins, the Oncology Program Manager, whose dedication and expertise drive the program's success. For inquiries or further details, Ashlee can be contacted directly at [email protected] or via office phone at 951-600-4348.


The launch of the Southwest Healthcare Oncology Program marks a pivotal moment in cancer care for Southwest Riverside County. By prioritizing patient needs and implementing a comprehensive, team-based approach, Oncology Rancho Springs and Inland Valley Hospitals are setting a new standard for oncology care delivery. This initiative not only aims to improve treatment outcomes but also to provide comfort, support, and hope to individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosis.


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