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Mid-year budget adjustments add $308,269.82 for Village View Park funding

The mid-year budget adjustments approved during the May 21 San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting included an additional $308,269.82 of funding for Village View Park.

The supervisors’ 5-0 vote approved the additional funding for the Fallbrook park project to cover costs incurred during the winter storms. The change increases the total budgeted amount for Village View Park from $13,695,566 to $14,003,835.

Mid-year budget adjustments reflect revenue received since the annual budget was adopted, quarterly fund balances, canceled projects or completed projects with a funding balance, and additional funding needs for projects.

Additional property tax revenue from assessed value increases and savings from personnel turnover often result in greater revenue and lower expenditures than had been budgeted. In some cases earmarked funding results in a mid-year budget change.

In March 2020, the Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of 6.8 acres of land on the south side of Fallbrook Street between Morro Road and Golden Road for use as a local park. Input from three virtual public meetings that year was used to develop a conceptual plan.

The planned amenities include play areas, a picnic area, a multi-purpose field, an open field, a skateboarding facility, and an off-leash dog park. The restrooms will be shaded to reduce energy use and mitigate heat effects. The 68 planned parking spaces include three stalls meeting Americans with Disabilities Act standards, and parking for five bicycles is also planned.

More than 100 new trees will be planted, and gardens with native plants will provide local habitat for wildlife. The park will also have multi-use trails.

In October 2021, the county supervisors voted 5-0 to authorize the director of the county's Department of Purchasing and Contracting to take the necessary actions to advertise the project for bid and award a contract, to designate the director of the county's Department of Parks and Recreation as the county official responsible for administering the construction contract, and to adopt the environmental Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program.

At the time the estimated cost was $2,397,000 for construction with another $360,000 for design and environmental review expenses and $145,000 for project administration, permitting, inspections, and monitoring. The acquisition cost for the Village View Park land was $1,172,000.

Although the advertisement for bid was authorized, the Department of Parks and Recreation continued to refine the design of the park in collaboration with the community while the construction documentation process was being completed. The request for bids was not issued until May 2023.

Higher construction costs led to a low responsible bid of $10,775,070, which was higher than expected and exceeded the project’s budget. When construction contracts are awarded the budget includes a contingency which allows change orders without the need to increase the budget.

County staff initially increased the total construction cost including contingency to $13,234,566 but reduced the contingency to provide a total cost of $11,344,566 including a limited contingency.

In July 2023, the county supervisors approved an additional $3,486,566 of funding for Village View Park to bring the total budgeted amount to $13,695,566 including construction, a limited contingency, inspections, cultural and environmental monitoring, and project management.

The storm damage led to the additional $308,269.82. The money was transferred from the budgets of Ildica County Park in Spring Valley and Kumeyaay Valley Park in Lakeside. Ildica County Park was completed under budget, so $8,269.82 from that park’s budget was available for Village View Park. A Habitat Conservation Fund grant for Kumeyaay Valley Park allowed $300,000 of general fund revenue budgeted for that park to be used for Village View Park instead.

Village View Park is expected to open in December 2024.

The mid-year budget adjustments also reclassified but did not change the funding amount for two habitat acquisition projects including the Attica acquisition along Santa Margarita Creek.

The $94,236.62 for the Santa Margarita Creek and Butterfield Trails Ranch (Valley Center) pre-acquisition expenses for due diligence had been in the Capital Outlay Fund, but that activity does not meet the criteria for that capital project category so the money was transferred to the Services and Supplies budget for the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Editor’s note: This article was supposed to be published June 6, but got lost in our system.

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