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Fifth grade students rock the vote

The students in Ms. Just’s fifth grade class at San Onofre School, in the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, have been following the 2008 presidential election since early September. Upon learning about how this nation was formed, they began to study the election process and list the facts about the National Conventions on a bulletin board.

They soon found themselves glued to the nightly news so that they could watch the debates and then discuss them in class. They started to get really excited about the debates, so they decided to have a class debate of their own.

The class got split up into three groups: Barack Obama, John McCain and a town hall. They did research on three topics: the economy, the environment and education. When it came time for the debate, Assistant Principal Mr. Billingsley served as the moderator, the person who asked the questions.

The town hall members also asked questions and in the end decided who won the debate. After the debate, they learned about the Electoral College and the difference between the popular vote and electoral vote. They were then assigned a state or two, and they voted like they actually do in the Electoral College. Ms. Just’s students were excited to watch the actual presidential election.


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