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Ruiz pleased with dental practice purchase, talented team

In June of this year, Sharla Ruiz, DMD was delighted to have the opportunity to purchase the dental practice of David Warren, DDS. The Friendly Village gave Ruiz a warm welcome, as did Warren’s preexisting dental team.

“I bought the practice because of this wonderful staff,” said Ruiz, who was impressed that many of them had worked there for more than a decade. “This staff cares about their patients and their community, as most of them do live here in Fallbrook.”

Ruiz is thrilled that Jackie Amador, Marilyn Birdsong, Margaret Meyers and Kimberly Savage remain a vital part of this quality Fallbrook practice.

Aside from a fantastic staff, Ruiz was attracted to the ambiance of the office. Void of a clinical type of environment, it projects a comfortable family setting.

What also appealed to Ruiz was the small-town atmosphere of Fallbrook. “I love small towns and have always loved where there is dirt,” said Ruiz.

This will be the second dental practice that Ruiz has owned. Her first, which she owned for 14 years, was in Riverside.

Although she adored the patients and staff at her Riverside location, the commute was becoming a strain. “The commute became three hours, round-trip, minimum, for the last eight years,” she explained.

Ruiz has practiced dentistry for 18 years but, interestingly enough, originally began her adult career as a Registered Nurse. Yearning to learn more about the sciences, she wanted to become a physician.

However, being married to a physician, she was wary of the long hours it required and wanted something that allowed her more time with her family.

“My husband relayed to me that a friend of his who didn’t go into medicine actually went into dentistry,” she said. “So I tried it out and loved it.”

From the start of her career, Ruiz has treated her patients like family, because, to her, they are.

“If I am going to be at work, I want to be enjoying a family atmosphere, and I do,” she said. “I make sure my patients are taken care of and I want them to walk out of these doors happy.”

Clearly, Ruiz recognized that her business philosophy was mirrored by her Fallbrook dental team. “We do excellent dental care,” she said, “in a pain-free and comfortable way.”

And speaking of pain free, Ruiz has a special way of administering a shot, taught to her by her own dentist, a professor at Loma Linda: “Although you have to sit there longer to do it, you drip it in very, very slowly.”

The Ruiz dental office cares for members of the entire family, offering general dentistry and a specialized focus on cosmetics.

“The biggest thing I promote is prevention,” said Ruiz. “I am interested in keeping the gums healthy and keeping the fluoride going, so as not to get cavities.”

In comparison to patients at her Riverside office, Ruiz has noticed a significantly lower cavity percentage in Fallbrook youth.

Although she hasn’t quite yet determined the reason for this, it could be the group of patients seen or their eating habits, said Ruiz. “I am not sure what it is or why it is, but I am delighted to see it.”

Pleased to call Fallbrook her new business home and to be part of the community, Ruiz looks forward to meeting new patients and customizing their dental care.

To visit Ruiz and her well-experienced team, call (760) 728-6123. The office is located at 111 West Mission Road, #B.

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