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A New Year

Celebrating the New Year is always a festive occasion, and with it, come resolutions and plans for positive change. Transcendent Touch Healing Massage offers countless ways to help guide the human body and mind toward alignment and inner peace.

“With the approach of the New Year, a person often reflects on their life and may wish for a better, more fulfilling experience in the coming year,” said owner Craig Lozzi, HHP. “In the new year, massage can be a wonderful benefit to one’s overall health in so many ways; to make it work, one just has to evaluate what they want to bring more of into their life.”

Dedicated to holistic health and touch therapy for more than 30 years, Lozzi has witnessed firsthand how massage has the power to transform. Bodies are renewed. It can provide a wonderful aid for decreasing anxiety, enhancing sleep quality, increasing energy, improving concentration, relieving pain, relaxing muscles, removing waste from tissues, reducing fatigue, and releasing endorphins. Endorphins, Lozzi said, are a body’s natural pain killer.

Massage plays an important part in healthy living.

“I can work with injuries and physical challenges and I can hold the space for those going through emotional and spiritual challenges,” he said.

Over the years, patients have been referred to Lozzi by medical doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and psychologists. “I have found that clients who make a commitment to receiving regular massages find a significant difference in their health and overall sense of well-being.”

Lozzi adeptly balances his clients’ needs with the right treatment plan.

Understanding how hectic life can be, Lozzi still encourages the importance of slowing the body down to promote balance. “Our hectic lifestyles are a product of our busy minds and activities like exercise, yoga and massage automatically create the relaxation and renewal,” he said. Likewise, an expert therapeutic touch may help clients make sounder decisions, enhance their mood, and provide a better perspective regarding life.

Other elements of Lozzi’s business include reflexology, healing Ayurvedic treatments for relaxation detoxification, and chair massages for businesses, events and parties.

“I love my work and the opportunity to work closely with others to reach their life and health goals,” he said.

“I consider it a privilege to be a holistic health practitioner and body therapist.”

The oils Lozzi incorporates into his massages are organic, cold-pressed and unfiltered coconut oil. Lozzi said the oil has a “delicious aroma” and has both internal and external “documented health benefits.”

“I also have crafted with local aromatherapist, Ariel Fernandez, two aromatherapy blends: Deep Peace for relaxation and Muscle Ease for muscular aches and pains,” he said. “These blends are in a base of organic jojoba oil, which is the oil closest in makeup to oil in our skin that our body naturally produces, and also incorporate several organic essential oils in a delightfully memorable combination.”

For Ayurvedic oils used on the body and face, Lozzi has chosen those created by Pratima Raichur, an East Indian botanist, herbalist and esthetician.

When it comes to gift giving, Transcendent Touch Healing Massage gift certificates make exceptional presents. “This gift can often be the seed of creating a healthier sustainable lifestyle,” Lozzi said. “I have seen it so many times.”

Lozzi also volunteers as a massage therapist for Fallbrook Hospice. As well, he is also taking a professional practitioner program at Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living in Fallbrook.

“This will enable me to offer spiritual counseling and affirmative prayer for those seeking help with the challenges life brings to us,” Lozzi said.

To learn more about Transcendent Touch Healing Massage, its new client specials, massage series packages, testimonials and more, please call Lozzi at (760) 533-3505 or visit The office is located at 407 Potter Street, Suite D, Fallbrook.

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