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Raiz Muzik bringing their good vibrations to Soul Roll Expo

On January 30, Raiz Muzik will be sharing their homegrown reggae style with at the Soul Roll Expo at the Elder House. Band members Sonny (drummer/vocals) and Sergio (Keys/Vocals), who happen to be brothers, were willing to give The Village News readers a peek at what goes behind making their music.

Raiz Muzik’s members are excited to perform at Soul Roll because not only will they be able to meet and greet their fans, but be able to spend time with their friends as well.

“We don’t usually get that much time to chill <after a show> because by the time we are done it’s already 1 a.m.,” said Sonny and Sergio. “That’s what’s nice about [Soul Roll] being a daytime show, getting here early and having plenty of time to chill with our good friends [The Devastators].”

Raiz Muzik’s fan demographic ranges from younger teens to adults, and they are happy to play for everyone.

“There is a younger crowd coming up thats embracing roots reggae,” said Sonny.

The appreciation of reggae comes from more than just listening to any song.

“There are all different kinds of reggae genres,” said Sergio. There is roots, surf, dance hall and bubble reggae. Reggae may seem simple to some people but there, but you have the bubble, the keyboards playing the rhythm skank and the drummer doing the one drop (the off beat).”

While Reggae is a fun genre, there is a message behind the beat.

“Reggae music is a vehicle for putting out a conscientious message,” said Sonny. “It’s fun to sing about hanging out with a girl, but reggae is meant to put out a conscious message. I’m not talking about something from 400 years ago, though its important to know where we’ve been but we are here right now and need to be aware.”

Raiz Muzik’s members are also excited to play for the village that they grew up in.

“I grew up here in the trailer park in Alturas,” said Sergio. “You make a lot of friends and family ; it’s a tight community.”

“I was born in raised here in 1975, and I’ve seen this place change so much,” said Sonny. “I’m a big supporter of local stuff.”

Raiz Muzik agreed to be a part of Soul Roll because it is a great activity for young people to enjoy on their free time.

“An event like [Soul Roll] is definitely something I’m happy to be a part of,” said Sonny. “It’s a big deal.”

Soul Roll takes place on January 30 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Elder House, 127 W. Elder St., Fallbrook. The cover charge for the event will be $10 per person; $5 for students.

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