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Obama has his priorities wrong

The cost of living given to Social Security recipients for 2008 was 5.9% which was added to their 2009 checks. During 2009, overall consumer prices rose 2.7%. Core inflation, which excludes food and energy categories, rose 1.8% for the 12 months ending December 2009, matching the 1.8% rise in core inflation in 2008. Energy costs for the 12 months ending in December 2009 rose 18.2% led by the higher gasoline costs which increased 63.5% (Associated Press 1/16/10).

Reardon’s letter is a fairy tale [Letter Village News, 2/11/10]. Some Social Security recipients can only afford to eat one or two meals a day but stimulus funding, approved by President Obama in 2009 disgustingly paid CEO’s million dollar bonuses.

The Tea Party movement is not hysteria; it is a huge movement of Americans (1.5 million at Washington DC’s Tea Party) who want their country back and are fed up with those Congress and the President.

Please note Mr. Reardon, that at least 80% of Americans want their present healthcare, not Obamacare.

Tim Geitner, the treasury secretary, controls stimulus money and I want to demand published audits of stimulus money.

Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown campaigned against President Obama and Obamacare and won.

The democrats had total control of Congress with large majorities in both Congressional houses, but could not get Obamacare passed; so stop the fairy tales.

In my research, I found healthcare for the uninsured is available for $500 per year and it allows for 12 doctor appointments each year with no co-pay.

Archie McPhee


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