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Saint John in Exile performed superbly by DeRoest

As one of the many who attended one of Thom DeRoest’s performances of ‘Saint John in Exile’ March 31-April 2, I was pleased to find that DeRoest’s superb and professional portrayal was a gift to our community from an immensely talented and dedicated follower of Jesus.

DeRoest flew to Fallbrook from his home in Snohomish, Wash. for a family reunion over the Easter holiday. His sister, Patty Hornsveld, convinced him to brush up on his rendition of ‘Saint John in Exile’ and present it at Fallbrook’s historic Mission Theater, during his stay.

It was while the apostle John was in exile that he was caught up in the Spirit and experienced the splendor of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords along with shocking visions John later revealed in his book entitled, “Revelation.” But it is what happened and the pressures John endured on that austere island that are revealed in Thom’s brilliant one man show.

Getting God’s word out was the apostle John’s passion, and that is DeRoest’s heartfelt desire as well, it appears. It is this desire that provides the motivating force behind his convincing portrayal of the apostle John as John ponders requests from fellow followers of Jesus to pen his eye-witness account of Jesus’ life, ministry and work. DeRoest brought this local audience into his confidence as he vividly recalled Jesus’ last moments of life on Earth and convincingly reenacted Jesus’ excruciatingly painful last words as he gasped for each breath against the weight of his own suffocating body hanging from that Roman cross.

DeRoest said it wasn’t until he took the time to read selected books of the Bible in their entirety in one sitting that God’s message came alive to him, he said. His deep, burning desire is to encourage others to do the same. In doing that, he feels others will grasp the zeal burning in the author’s heart.

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