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Is FPUD doing anything about the water wasters?

Although the area is supposed to be conserving water, there seems to be many areas where property owners or managers are disregarding this.

One particular area is Stage Coach Lane, after 11 p.m. The water running down the street is enormous between Fallbrook Street and Reche Road.

Apparently those who are watering at night don’t follow the water restrictions. Last year we saw huge billboards encouraging people to report “water wasters,” well FPUD, here’s your chance to make good on this wasteful practice.

The other evening, after it was raining, the sprinklers were on at a downtown restaurant, and why are the local schools watering like there are no restrictions?

Is it just the local farmers who actually need the water that have the noose on? Or, is it okay because it’s dark at night and no one will actually check to see if water is running down the streets?

Carol Stevens


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