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Advice from the past

I was reading one of President Theodore Roosevelt’s many speeches, this one from January 15, 1883 on “Duties of American Citizenship.”

“In facing the future…we should be neither timid pessimists nor foolish optimists. We should recognize the dangers that exist and that threaten us: we should neither overestimate them nor shrink from them, but steadily fronting them should set to work to overcome and beat them down…There is every reason why we should recognize them, but there is no reason why we should fear them or doubt our capacity to overcome them, if only each will…endeavor so to live as to deserve the high praise of being called a good American citizen.”

I wonder how many of us are called a good American citizen, perhaps not many of us. How many of us strive to measure up to his or her own ability? How many of us avoid responsibilities rather than face responsibilities? Has our Congress and president faced up to their responsibilities? Have we as parents measured up to our responsibilities raising our children to be good American citizens?

I look at the turmoil this country is in with the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the threat of Jihad extremists attacking our country, the crooked politicians in Washington hell-bent on not doing the will of the people! Perhaps it is time for the citizens to wake up and take the responsibility of becoming good American citizens and not abdicating their responsibilities!

Jim Lowery



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