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Students at D'Vine Path receive specialized culinary development training

FALLBROOK – In preparation for the Farm-to-Table event that will take place in the fall, D'Vine Path has begun a new culinary development curriculum with the help of Chef Bruce Knight and Farm-to-Table connoisseur Sonia Perez. The culinary development curriculum will continue for three months, and the goal is to help the students to expand their knowledge in the culinary field to better prepare them for the Farm-to-Table event.

Knight began teaching the students at D'Vine Path kitchen basics and providing cooking instruction on June 7. The students watched as Knight made an entire meal while presenting each step he takes during the process of cooking the meal. They are also being given the opportunity to practice their cooking skills with Knight in an effort to prepare for the Farm-to-Table event where the students will make meals for their family members using homegrown produce from the D'Vine Path garden.

To protect the students when they're using knives, Knight generously donated a Kevlar cutting glove to each student. Then, he began to teach the students how to make macaroni and cheese with garlic shrimp. The students were amazed at how a simple recipe can taste gourmet with the right ingredients and instruction. This has inspired many students to begin cooking simple dishes at their homes.

Perez is also a new addition to the D'Vine Path team. She owns the business "Eating off the Vine," informing people how to cook using locally grown produce. Perez also hosts her own "Farm-to-table" events, so she has extremely relevant experience she will be sharing with the students that will help them succeed when they hold their own event.

Perez will be teaching the students what they need to know for their event, which includes cooking basics, kitchen etiquette, menu planning, and more. She will also be teaching the students how to make use of the homegrown ingredients in the gardens, including vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Perez is offering her personal expertise in creating menus for the event using only the produce grown in the gardens.

"We're excited to be able to offer our students these specialized curriculums," Executive Director Lenila Lingad Batali said. "These types of curriculums give our students the necessary basic knowledge to succeed in the different industries, including the hospitality industry."

D'Vine Path students have also been working with Michelle Verdugo of Organic Suites and D'Vine Path hospitality coordinator Dianna Branche in order to learn more about healthy foods and how to succeed in the hospitality industry. The students have also received charcuterie board presentation training from Branche and Judi Hayden, and they have been making these boards for different events since 2019. The addition of Knight and Perez's presentations will help the students to become more knowledgeable in the culinary field and they will experience more success during the Farm-to-Table event. The culinary development curriculum is also crucial for the students who want to work in the hospitality or culinary industry, because the students are gaining experience in a field they are interested in pursuing as a job.

D'Vine Path students have been eager to learn more about cooking and the culinary industry, and they said they are grateful for the opportunity to have learned from both Chef Knight and Chef Perez. The students and staff look forward to continuing the culinary development curriculum and integrating the students' new skills during the Farm-to-Table event.

Submitted by D'Vine Path.


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