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Fallbrook CPG prioritizes road improvement recommendations

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

The Fallbrook Community Planning Group approved a prioritized list of recommended road improvements.

A 14-0 vote Oct. 18, with Tom Harrington absent, approved the list which will be forwarded to the county's Department of Public Works.

"That's based on input, community input," said planning group chair Eileen Delaney.

"The first issue is pedestrian safety," said Roy Moosa, who chairs the planning group's Circulation Committee. "From there it went to automobile safety."

After automobile safety, miscellaneous issues such as drainage became the criteria to prioritize the desired improvements.

The July 21 planning group meeting included a list of recommended road improvements which was forwarded to DPW, and DPW asked the county to prioritize those proposed improvements. During the Sept. 20 meeting, the planning group responded to a resident request about Clemmens Lane improvements and recommended that DPW review potential improvements on that street.

The prioritized list added the Clemmens Lane projects while deleting two future signals already funded and in progress, three projects which were deferred to other entities, and one proposed improvement which will likely be cost-prohibitive.

The highest priority is crosswalks by all schools and by Clemmens Lane Park and Jackie Heyneman Park. That is followed by sidewalks for Reche Road by Potter Junior High School and Live Oak Elementary School and a pathway or trail along Stage Coach Lane. Sidewalk projects are also the three next-highest priorities: along East Mission Road from Iowa Avenue to Brandon Road, on South Mission Road between Fig Street and Elder Street, and on East Mission Road between Main Avenue and Brandon Road.

The priority list continues with a flashing light warning for West Elder Street by South Mission Road, drainage improvements at the intersection of East Mission Road and Brandon Road, a second left turn lane at the intersection of Main Avenue and Ammunition Road, sidewalks on West Clemmens Lane, sidewalks in front of Clemmens Lane Park, a request to review the disabled parking on West Clemmens Lane to ensure that it complies with standards, increasing the left turn length on East Mission Road at Interstate 15 and Old Highway 395, left turn lanes to side roads along East Mission Road, a right turn lane for Stage Coach Lane at Reche Road, left turn lanes from Reche Road to Potter Junior High School and Live Oak Elementary School.

Also on the list are a crosswalk at Brandon Road and East Mission Road, Rocky Crest Road pothole repairs (Rocky Crest Road is a private road but is used as a public street), pothole and cracking repairs to Main Avenue and South Mission Road, drainage improvements for the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Hawthorne Street, a red curb prohibiting parking on Alvarado Street by Main Avenue so that right turns will be safer, painting the speed limit on the street on West Clemmens Lane, and bicycle lanes on Reche Road, South Mission Road, and Olive Hill Road.

Several items were added at the Oct. 18 meeting and either placed at the bottom of the priority list or incorporated into other project requests. The final five priorities in order are to ask DPW to look into a crosswalk at the "Y" intersection of Main Avenue and South Mission Road, a sidewalk by the library parking lot from the alley to South Mission Road, a crosswalk by South Mission Road and Hawthorne Street, sidewalks on Old Stage Road, and looking into a crosswalk on South Mission Road at Old Stage Road.

The planning group's July list included traffic signals at South Mission and Green Canyon Road and at East Mission Road and Santa Margarita Drive. In August 2020, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved the county's Fiscal Year 2020-21 budget and included $5.1 million for traffic signals at six intersections throughout the county including the intersection of South Mission Road and Green Canyon Road and the intersection of East Mission Road and Santa Margarita Drive.

A May 19 Board of Supervisors action authorized the advertisement for bid and subsequent award of a construction contract for the signal at South Mission Road and Green Canyon Road. The design for the signal at East Mission Road and Santa Margarita Drive is complicated by three driveways which access East Mission Road in the vicinity of that intersection. Because those projects are already funded they were omitted from the Oct. 18 list.

The planning group would like to have the turn at Via Monserate and South Mission Road reconstructed so that it isn't as sharp a turn, but that was determined to be too costly and the planning group realized that other priorities could be accomplished with that funding.

The county is working on a revitalization plan for the Fallbrook Village area which will include a streetscape plan for Main Avenue. The July recommendations included bulbouts on Main Avenue at Elder Street and at Hawthorne Street, and those were deferred to the revitalization committee rather than placed on the Oct. 18 list as were crosswalks on Main Avenue.

The July list also included reviewing the intersection of Stage Coach Lane and Morro Road for safety improvements. The upcoming construction of Village View Park will include pedestrian and vehicular safety measures, so the intersection review was deferred to the county's Department of Parks and Recreation rather than included Oct. 18.


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