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Review of all things Real Estate

Good day neighbors, my name is Bob Hillery and I am the broker/owner of CR Properties Real Estate Services. I have agreed to write a weekly article about real estate for the Village News and am happy to provide information about my favorite subject.

This week’s article will be an overview of upcoming articles and discussions since real estate is a vast subject with many different facets to consider. The different subjects include:

*The state of the market, what kind of market are we currently in? Just an aside on this subject, despite all the negative clamor about rising interest rates and inflation, you might be surprised to read that we are still in a seller’s market given the indicators. Yes, the needle has moved towards a neutral market, but properly priced real estate is selling.

*Selecting the correct brokerage/agent who knows the local market, what to expect from your agent, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a local agent?

*What is a marketing plan and what is not a marketing plan, what is target marketing, is social media important, does print advertising work, who are the buyers and where statistically are they likely to come from?

*What should you expect from your loan officer, why are there different loan rates for different borrowers, what is a FICO score and why is it important to a real estate transaction, is a cash buyer really stronger than a buyer who is getting a mortgage?

*What are disclosures, are they required, what is Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) and why is it important, is NHD required in a transaction?

*What is fire hardening?

*What is an I-buyer, do they serve a purpose, what are the advantages and disadvantages of I-buyers?

*What is a flipper, should you sell to a flipper? Should you purchase a flipped property?

*What is escrow, why and when is title insurance required, is title insurance important?

The above are just some of the topics I intend to address in future issues

This forum is not an advertisement for my brokerage CR Properties Real Estate Services (see our weekly ad for that); it is meant to be about education and information.

If you might have questions or topics that you’d like to have addressed, please feel free to contact me via email, [email protected]. I read a wide variety of different authors daily plus we have multiple sources of very talented and well informed people within our local real estate community upon whom I can draw on as well.


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