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Re: 'A Red Christmas wish list: an auto-switch and more ammo for my AR' [Village News, Letter, 12/8/22]

In response to Mr. Terrell’s letter on more ammo for his artificial reasoning: he lives by the Marxist doctrine: That the truth is whatever furthers the revolution.

I have never seen such a string of childish lies, except in any one of his previous letters.

First, Trump was (is) the best President we’ve had since Teddy Roosevelt. He not only fixed more problems plaguing America for decades before he even took office but did more than the Muslim Communist did in eight years, (or in his third term).

Trump never advocated violence proven innumerable times to the left’s continued dismay.

It was your leftist FBI, CIA, DIA, the Injustice Department that had complete control of “law and order” and failed (or succeeded?) completely allowing BLM and Antifa to loot, burn, beat and kill with complete impunity.

People bought guns legally because it was obvious they would get no protection from the Red Guard (mentioned above).

John, your continued lies and lunacy are annoying, but I usually don’t even read extremist left rants anymore. However, it is fun to tweak your Pinocchio nose now and then.

Trump not only solved innumerable problems, but he showed how quickly and easily they could be solved if the government actually wanted to solve them.

John, I know you worship at the altar of the hammer and sickle but someone has to be paying you to pour out this barrage of childish lies almost every week. Otherwise, you are the most deluded fool on Earth or you think we are.

Have a nice day, comrade.

Joe Schembri


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