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Re: Re: 'Yetis, unicorns, and Fauci's covid myths' [Village News, Terrell letter, 4/27/23]

Mr. Maynard triggered Mr. Terrell again, this time by calling out the Left's favorite Covid celebrity, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Terrell immediately launches into a long recital of Fauci's so-called "distinguished and unblemished career." Dr. Fauci had plenty of opportunities to speak honestly about the origins of the Covid epidemic and the best ways to deal with it. Only after it became obvious that Fauci actively worked to block factual information that contradicted him, did President Trump decide Fauci was the wrong guy for the job.

But all of this Fauci-worship is just an excuse for Terrell's real purpose, revealed when he writes "Speaking of Trump..." He then refers to President Trump with the juvenile nickname "Don the Con," listing a total of 17 different legal attacks by Democrats. Some of these are:

A certain Ms. Carroll, accusing Trump of a supposed sexual assault in the 90's, with no witnesses or police report, and in a department store of all places. Her case against Trump is financed by a Democrat billionaire, a reported visitor to Epstein's "pedophile island."

Then there's Mary Trump, the president's angry niece who is a favorite of MSNBC because of her Uncle Donald-hatred. And, of course, "Incitement for Capitol attack" (four cases listed). Certainly Terrell won't admit, or may not know, that Trump said to be "peaceful" on that day.

Mr. Terrell writes as if these were legitimate criminal cases, despite years of other harassment flops. Russian collusion? $40 million of taxpayer money spent to investigate Hillary Clinton's accusation against the Trump campaign, which Mueller's army of leftist lawyers couldn't prove – because it didn't happen.

First bogus impeachment? For Trump asking about Biden's strong-arming of the Ukraine government. Old Joe was the Ukraine "point man" in the Obama administration. So, when Hunter Biden, being paid $1 million per year by the unscrupulous owner of the Burisma gas company, presumedly made a call to dad, Joe threatened Ukraine's hoped-for U.S. loan guarantee, unless they stopped investigating Burisma – and Biden is on tape bragging about it. Trump was acquitted. Second bogus impeachment for incitement of the Jan 6 incident – acquitted.

Meanwhile, despite heroic efforts by the Democrats/media to protect him, Biden's incompetence, mental issues, and criminal activities as a government official are coming out. Or as the media used to say; "the walls are closing in."

David Lewis


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