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Broken immigration

Supervisor Jim Desmond

5th District

Last week, I visited the Southern United States Border before the expiration of Title 42. Witnessing hundreds of desperate individuals huddled together, seeking entry into the country, was heartbreaking. It is unsettling to recognize that this entire debacle could have been prevented, yet it has now been left at our doorstep by both the federal government and the state.

In response to this situation, our county, particularly North County, has taken proactive measures. The county has been collaborating with our nonprofit partners and organizations, reaching out for their support.

When groups of asylum seekers are dropped off at the transit center, dedicated individuals from these groups will be present to assist them. This helps the migrants make necessary phone calls, facilitate ticket purchases, and guide them through the process in San Diego County, aiming to expedite their journey through San Diego to their destination as efficiently as possible.

One of the most tragic realities of this influx is the vulnerability of unaccompanied minors to human trafficking. Our hospitals, homeless shelters, law enforcement agencies, public health departments, and social services are already strained, operating at or beyond capacity. It is unfair to burden San Diegans with the responsibility of chasing after the actions of the federal government to protect the well-being of our region.

I am determined to continue seeking help and support. I implore everyone to join me in the fight against the federal government's disregard for border security and adequate processes and resources for safe, legal entry. We must come together to address this pressing issue to protect the safety and welfare of the individual’s seeking asylum and our local communities.


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