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DNA testing at the border

Supervisor Jim Desmond

5th District

I've just taken action by sending a letter addressed to President Biden and the Federal Government, urging them to reinstate DNA testing at the border. This is a crucial step in addressing the rampant issue of human trafficking that plagues our border communities. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that innocent children are being exploited and traded as commodities. It's high time we prioritize their safety and well-being because, unequivocally, children are not for sale!

Below is the letter.

The recent termination of DNA family testing, implemented by the Biden Administration, is a distressing decision that puts innocent lives at risk and undermines our commitment to combating the heinous crimes of human trafficking and child exploitation. As a Supervisor of San Diego County, we must take swift, resolute action to reinstate DNA testing without delay.

The reports of individuals fraudulently claiming children as their own and subsequently separating them from their true guardians are harrowing and unacceptable. This inhumane practice must be brought to an immediate halt through the reinstatement of DNA testing.

The stark humanitarian crisis we face demands immediate and effective solutions. Cartels and coyotes exploit innocent children as pawns in their criminal enterprises, subjecting them to unthinkable horrors such as sexual abuse and trafficking. It is unconscionable that we would, in any way, curtail measures to protect these vulnerable individuals.

Mandatory DNA testing, accompanied by severe penalties for adults who resist compliance, is a rational and morally imperative step toward dismantling the vile practice of using children for criminal purposes.

Moreover, the unsettling prevalence of human trafficking in border communities, including the alarming statistics in San Diego, paints a dire picture of the consequences of inaction. We must confront this issue head-on. San Diego, among other border regions, has become a hotbed for human trafficking, with staggering numbers of victims forced into unimaginable suffering. Our collective duty is to protect these children from exploitation and to dismantle the structures that allow such crimes to thrive.

I call on you and the Federal government to prioritize the well-being and safety of children above all else. This issue transcends political boundaries, demanding our collective action and unwavering commitment. Do not ignore this call to action, for we will not relent until our borders are secure, our children protected and our future brighter.


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