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Homeowners pruning seminar talks trees

FALLBROOK – Over 50 residents came to the Palomares House Nov. 4 to hear the "how" and "why" of taking care of the workhorses of the community environment, trees. Mark Wisniewski, a state renowned Arborist was the guest speaker with the support of Roger Boddaert, the Tree Man of Fallbrook.

It has been in the interest of the community forest, no matter whether trees are on public and private property, that Save Our Forest has held successful pruning seminars in past years. This year was no exception; people are eager to learn how to maintain healthy trees to create a healthy environment.

The presentation was aimed at the Do-It-Yourself home owner, as well as the people who hire a professional as they need to know what questions to ask and also what to request.

Important topics covered were appropriate tools and how to use them, what growth should be removed to prevent nutritional flow from going to non-productive overgrowth, examples of problems created by improper pruning or lack of pruning. A plethora of in depth, readily available educational materials were on display, and dispersed.

Some very basics included, 'Never remove more than 25% of the canopy.' That rule eliminates topping which people see a lot in Fallbrook. It surely does provide a yearly income for the tree service but not good for the tree or one's pocketbook.

That brought the comment that removing the tree whose DNA dictates the height, and replacing it with a tree with an acceptable mature height, would save money the first year and in years to come.

A repeat presenter for SOF, Wisniewski is retired, but came to deliver his message of environmental and property value benefits. The vast knowledge that was shared has aided the community through this kind of education and Boddaert's weekly articles over the past years.

Submitted by Save Our Forest.


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