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Jacarandas are not native

This is an open letter to Save our Forest. Please stop planting jacaranda trees in Fallbrook. They are not native to California.

They are dirty trees. The leaf shed is astronomical. Who is going to clean that up? SOF has planted jacaranda trees by Fallbrook Cafe on Brandon which has a creek next to it. That leaf shed will clog the waterway.

The new bus stop is located there. I cannot imagine the messy disaster of waiting at that bus stop. Now I'm reading that Save our Forest has planted jacaranda trees on Pico Promenade, again, next to a waterway. That leaf shed and flower mess will undoubtedly clog that waterway too.

What happened to planting only natives? Please remove those trees before they damage our water runoff system. Jacarandas are an invasive species. Please someone do their homework.

Won't they be pretty? They certainly will be a mess, that's for sure.

Arlene Anderson


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