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Re: 'The spiraling demise of our nation' [Village News, Maynard letter, 5/9/24]

So we have another screed from Magaworld, otherwise known as Earth 2, claiming the imminent demise of America and all those values held dear by “real Americans.”

To start, we will concur on one point – the protests on college campuses sympathetic to Hamas are a disgrace, and one can certainly sympathize with the Palestinian people without being anti-Semitic. The indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinian women and children is horrendous and must be addressed, but blaming Jewish people as a whole for Netanyahu’s war tactics is not useful and only causes more division.

Meanwhile, here on Earth 1, the economy is strong, job growth is robust. Yes, inflation is a problem but it is also a worldwide problem, not just in America. We are only a few years out of a worldwide pandemic which upended pretty much everything, recovery is slow but happening.

On Earth 1, our crumbling bridges and highways are beginning to be rebuilt thanks to Biden’s 1.2 trillion dollar Bipartisan Infrastructure law passed in November of 2021. Hint – it’s not going to be instantaneous but will take time, just as it took years to allow for the continuous “crumbling“ under Republicans who were avid to give tax cuts to their rich pals and corporate donors, and to shuck off any responsibility for maintaining the basic highway, rail and communications systems that make our country work. Remember those “Infrastructure Weeks” under Trump? How did that work out?

On Earth 1, support for Ukraine is vital; if Putin is allowed to win he will assuredly not stop at Ukraine, as anyone who knows anything about the world order knows full well. He will go on to attack NATO countries which will mean American troops in combat in Europe. The Magaworld/Earth 2 people seem oblivious to this fact. Apparently none are students of history.

On Earth 1, crime is down across the nation, the numbers tell the story – but of course in Magaworld/Earth 2 there are criminal hordes let loose in our cities and towns bent on rapes, robberies and general mayhem. Fact – most crimes are committed by American citizens.

Yes, homelessness is an enormous problem which will only be solved by building affordable housing, as the median rent here in San Diego County is approximately 2300 per month. This is a fact, and pretending that the sad numbers of the homeless will somehow levitate out of sight is not useful or productive.

Yes, even on Earth 1 we know people in large numbers are crossing into our country, many illegally and they should be considered accordingly, but the same pejoratives were used against the Irish, Italians and other immigrants who came here. Most are desperately seeking a better life and only want a chance to work and live without fear.

Here on Earth 1, it is a fact (such an inconvenient word for some) that comprehensive immigration reform would now be law if not for Magaworld/Earth 2 Republicans refusing to vote for it on instruction from their Dear Leader because it would be a win for President Biden. Fact.

As for partisan hacks in black robes, look no further than some members of the Supreme Court appointed by Trump.

Trump is on trial for fraud, one of the 88 current indictments he faces, and it is way past the time that he should be held accountable. He’s been a fraud and con artist since he’s been out of diapers but has had the money to hire a fleet of lawyers to keep justice at bay. He should have been in jail long ago and not sullying the Oval Office with his sleaze.

On Earth 1, the right-wing Christian Nationalist movement is dangerous and needs to be called out as such, but this is not tantamount to slandering all good Christians (note – Catholics are Christian), Jews and others who believe in the rule of law and the separation of church and state.

The narrow-minded book banners and rabid Forced Birth folks are a loud minority and have way too much power. You don’t like a certain book? Don’t read it. You don’t like abortion? Don’t have one, but allow others who don’t share your particular values to live their lives free from the oppression of your narrow beliefs.

As for President Biden, what are the crimes he’s supposedly committed? He has the misfortune to have a wayward son who used his father’s name to curry favor, unlike Trump’s progeny who grifted their way through four years in the White House and beyond – 2 billion to Jared from the Saudis right after Trump (unwillingly) left office.

On Earth 1, we can’t really see a “crisis of morality” enveloping our nation except in some minds, but you can be sure if Trump is again elected, there will be a tsunami of wickedness and criminality unleashed on our nation. The events of January 6th are only a foretaste of what will happen if he manages to get reelected.

As for Trump being “deprived of his First Amendment rights,” no one has reigned him in until Judge Merchan, who is trying to maintain some order, and to protect jurors and court officials from the predations and threats of Trump followers. It’s interesting that Trump screams about his own First Amendment rights while calling the press “the enemy of the people,” and threatening to go after news outlets he doesn’t like if he’s returned to power.

Final thought – admittedly, we are not a perfect nation, but the goal has always been to “aspire to perfect,” to better our country, and in doing our best to welcome all who want to live here as long as they are peaceful and believe in the values of a democratic society. It’s hard work, but worth the effort.

Robert & Georgiana Silvestro


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