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A darn football game

It is illustrative of our inability to participate, as a nation, in world affairs by the front page of the North County Times for Monday, September 8. With all the problems that exist for the USA, what does the NCT zero in on? A darn football game between the Chargers and the Panthers!

Seriously, that was the whole of the front page! It’s not enough that there was a whole sports section dedicated to events in the sporting world – they had to preempt the front page too!

We’ve got problems with Social Security, the California budget, uncontrolled lobbying, education, illegal immigration, trade deficit, outsourcing and the National Debt – I could go on and on. All the important things that demand our immediate attention – so what appears on the front page? Football!

I ask you, when are we Americans gonna grow up?

Robert F. Green


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