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'Green' asphalt a reality with this business

ESCONDIDO — George Weir, owner of Escondido Asphalt and George W. Weir Asphalt Construction, Inc., says a “green” asphalt company is not only possible, it’s what his company has been doing for years.

“We’re proud of our commitment to the environment,” said Weir.

Escondido Asphalt uses a modern technology, Blue Smoke Control System, in addition to their own six-stage filtration which helps further remove oil droplets from being released into the air.

Weir expresses excitement over Escondido Asphalt’s commitment to cleaner paving. His companies are the first California asphalt producers to have made and used warm mix asphalt.

By offering warm mix asphalt, Escondido Asphalt is able to offer a quality product, manufactured at a 30-percent lower temperature than traditional hot mix asphalt. This results in lower fuel consumption and a 50- to 70-percent reduction in greenhouse gases.

Escondido Asphalt and George Weir Asphalt Construction also recycle.

“Did you know that asphalt is 100 percent recyclable?” asked Weir. “We keep this old product from ending up in landfills, reduce the need for foreign oil and additional mining operations and we reduce the number of trucks on the road.”

George W. Weir Asphalt Construction, Inc. was founded in Escondido in 1978 and continues to display commitment to the community and the environment.

George W. Weir Asphalt Construction and Escondido Asphalt provide grading and paving services to homeowners, apartment complexes, school districts, amusement parks, municipalities and the County of San Diego.

For more information about George W. Weir Asphalt Construction and Escondido Asphalt, visit or call (760) 746-0232.


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