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'Yes' on Prop. 8

There have been many instances of hatred and intolerance expressed by opponents of Proposition 8 (the initiative to retain the customary definition of marriage). Last week a Modesto man was violently beaten for supporting traditional marriage. There have been numerous reports of aggressive verbal assaults against “Yes on Prop. 8” volunteers here in Fallbrook. Many (if not most) of the “Yes on 8” yard signs that were distributed throughout the community have been stolen (including two from my property and at least nine from my immediate neighbors).

It is ironic that the very ones who demand tolerance are intolerant; that those who cry “discrimination” are discriminating; and that those who holler “equal rights” are actively engaged in depriving others of their rights. There has been an orchestrated effort by those who oppose Proposition 8 to silence the pro-family voices and take from them their freedom of speech and expression, their freedom to spare their children from gay indoctrination and their freedom to practice their beliefs and be true to their moral standards. No such rights are taken from same-sex partners as a result of the passage of Proposition 8.

Position 8 is not anti-gay. It is pro-family and protects one of the few remaining sacred institutions: that of marriage.

James Morrison


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