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Vote for Freedom

Since our Declaration and Constitution concern government’s relationship to the governed and state we have freedom to exercise our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it follows that we shouldn’t have to worry about the government taking our time, which is, after all, in the purest sense – our life, liberty and POH!

How can government take our time? Most of our time is spent working to meet basic needs. Any resources we have leftover should be ours to give away, spend or save according to our inclination. However, through income taxes, workers lose the freedom to use a significant portion of their resources according to their priorities. Government could protect our freedom by giving us a tax credit for donations to charities we approve instead of redistributing our resources as it sees fit. It could allow us to keep some of our tax dollars for education and choose where we want our children to be educated. That’s freedom!

We are not free to the extent government takes our choice of how to spend our time/resources. If elected, Obama, along with Pelosi and Reid, will have free rein for two years to redistribute our income and diminish our economic greatness by tinkering with our free-enterprise system.

A vote for Obama is a vote to increase government power and a state that punishes success and rewards whoever and whatever big government deems important.

Margot Holman


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