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Cooke known for excellence in dental care

Over his 35-year career, Clayton Cooke, DDS has earned a distinguished reputation in the field of dentistry for his high quality work in dental restoration and function. As patients reap the benefits of his talent, they know their confidence and trust is well-placed.

“We provide comprehensive dental care,” said Cooke. “And comprehensive dental care is a term that relates to a formal type of service that requires meeting with the patient, interviewing the patient and then taking a quick look to see if things measure up to the description of their dental health history.”

This “quick look” is performed via an intra-oral camera, which is instrumental in Cooke’s thorough dental analysis. The process determines the status of how healthy an individual’s gums, teeth and restorations are. Additionally, patients have the unique ability to watch the tour of their own mouth on a nearby closed circuit television.

Following the examination, Cooke takes time to thoroughly discuss his findings with his patient. In a comfortable setting, Cooke listens to the needs of his patients and addresses their questions, diffusing any possible “past dental fears.”

“Patients can expect first-class service in form of communication and skills,” said Cooke, who learned early on the importance of great bedside manner.

This dental practice is not about traditional dentistry; Dr. Cooke provides more than just reparative care.

“I have trained very hard,” he said. “I have gone to additional continuing education classes to be ready for those who have complicated needs and to be able to provide the very finest restoration that will last a lifetime.”

Comfortable, quality restoration work not only improves the appearance of a patient but also provides excellent dental function.

Cooke specializes in the analyzation of dental function and fit of a patient’s chewing system. “It’s not just about cosmetics,” he said, “it’s about keeping your teeth for a lifetime.”

The proper alignment structure for teeth and the jaw is imperative for optimum dental health. Nearly 80 percent of patients who visit Cooke have an improper bite.

When an individual lacks a healthy fit, symptoms such as crunching, grinding, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), headaches and earaches may arise.

“These symptoms could be related to the improper fit of their chewing system,” he explained.

When a dental restoration for a patient is completed, it is a meaningful experience for Cooke. “My work gives me a chance to help people through very fine quality dentistry,” he said.

Dr. Cooke has a long list of testimonials from his loyal patients but is quick to credit his support staff for their efforts as well. When patients visit his office, Cooke said, they also see other individuals who are extremely skilled and trained.

Diane Furtak, Rhonda McGowan, Trish Villegas and Noreen Busby are seasoned professionals in the industry. Their quality of dental service and knowledge truly exceeds patient expectations.

“Our practice is really a first-class practice and not just an ordinary dental practice,” explained Cooke. “Our office is geared for those who have a high appreciation for dental care.”

The Fallbrook office of Clayton Cooke, DDS is located at 425 East Alvarado Street, Suite A. He can be reached by phone at (760) 728-5011.

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