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Beware Swanson's hype

Perhaps Bud Swanson [“RE: ‘Director Griffiths must go,’” letter, 10/30/08] was so deep in campaign mode that the facts escaped him. Jack Griffiths was not responsible for getting Vallecitos Pump Station back online. The facts are:

1. Staff brought the problems at Vallecitos to the GM’s attention in November of 2007.

2. After discussions with staff, the GM authorized purchase of a new pump and its installation in time for increased seasonal demands. It was installed in early April 2008.

3. The GM had no discussion with Griffiths about the Vallecitos Pump Station until after the decision had already been made. Griffiths’ role in getting the station back online was…zero!

Swanson misstates my role regarding the pump station. I am a member of a committee which makes recommendations to the Board of RMWD. They decide, and they voted for it. Embarrassed by my vote? Not on your life! The replacement station which Griffiths has called a Cadillac was characterized at the Engineering Committee meeting Tuesday by General Manager Dave Seymour as a Ford truck. Doing the absolute minimum of work (and Griffiths would probably think that too costly!) would result in a product which the GM said could fail, and if it succeeded would be “marginally adequate.”

If RMWD followed Griffiths’ penny wise and pound foolish plans, its new motto would be “Dedicated to Marginal Adequacy.”

So, ratepayer, beware Swanson’s hype. The Board listens to Griffiths at its own peril…and ours. More to follow.

Helene Brazier


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