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Love movies? UltraStar River Village Cinemas is the perfect spot

Why not take a break in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, sink into a comfy seat and watch a movie on the big screen? It’s easy to do that at Bonsall’s state-of-the-art hometown theaters, UltraStar River Village Cinemas.

“We want our guests to feel at home each time they visit our theater,” said Jill Rosenow, director of promotions and special events. “We are the leading pioneer in digital technology and continue to stay on the forefront of bringing top entertainment at affordable prices to our guests.”

Being that this is the time of year to watch some Hollywood blockbuster films, UltraStar will be delivering some rather dynamic movie fun. On Christmas day, they will be running Bedtime Stories, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Valkyrie. And the much anticipated movie, Marley & Me, will be at the top of the listings!

“We are a great destination for the holidays by creating a warm and welcoming environment,” said Rosenow, “with our unique welcome speeches before each movie and our comfortable high-back rocking chair-style seating.” UltraStar also has a wonderful way of garnering extra attention with their attractive promotions and year-round specials.

The movie quality at UltraStar is truly picture perfect. “UltraStar was the first theater chain in the world to become 100% fully equipped with Pure Digital Cinema, a registered trademark,” said Rosenow. “Pure Digital Cinema is the crispest, clearest motion picture technology available.”

Typically, the movies at UltraStar are brought in digitally via satellite or by hard drive. The picture and sound quality are brilliant.

Despite how hard one may try, it’s nearly impossible to try and duplicate this picture quality and Surround Sound system in one’s own home. This makes the event of going to an UltraStar cinema very unique.

UltraStar River Village Cinemas features six auditoriums which can seat anywhere from 115 to 178 guests. Paired with excellent movie quality, UltraStar makes every effort to please its guests. “Many movie theaters show movies for a living, but at UltraStar, we entertain people and strive for community involvement,” said Rosenow.

According to Rosenow, UltraStar aims to provide “top-of-the-line” customer service and continues to maintain a top quality facility for all their guests. The UltraStar staff, commonly referred to as cast members, is an enthusiastic bunch who enjoys their jobs.

“We aim to treat our employees the same as we treat our guests - with respect and loyalty,” said Rosenow. Paying it forward, these cast members provide excellent guest services, making each person’s movie-going experience the best ever.

And what’s a movie without some munchies? The concession stand menu at UltraStar is overflowing with hot, buttery popcorn, candy, crispy nachos, ice cream and ice-cold sodas. Their freshly popped Kettle Corn at UltraStar is a crunchy sweet and salty success.

The cast members at UltraStar River Village Cinemas look forward to entertaining the Friendly Village in the New Year!

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