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Bush is delusional

It is universally accepted that George Bush is delusional, hanging on to the far-fetched hope “history will judge him a great president.” Today Laura Bush and Condoleeza Rice “strongly reject scathing criticism of the Bush presidency,” claiming critics are “ridiculous,” and even “this generation will thank him for what he’s done” proves that delusion still lives within his small circle of friends and family.

Bush has done more to harm this nation than any army of terrorists could ever hope to do. The failures are sickening, much too many for this letter. In his last interview, he advised that he would walk away with his head held high. Before he can lift his head, it must removed from his rear end, where it has been buried for eight years of this nightmare. He’s lucky if he is not prosecuted for war crimes. He is living proof that you don’t take a documented failure in private life, and expect him to lead the greatest nation in the world. He neither has the brain power, the vision, nor the character to be president of a local PTA. January 20th cannot come soon enough.

Jerry Sarnataro


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