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A solution for the Middle East

With the upsurge in violence in Gaza, the old question arises: “Won’t those people ever learn to live together?” Sadly, the answer is no!

What I am about to say will upset some – so be it! The establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine by the United Nations was a terrible mistake. It was done in the heat of the moment after WWII. After all, who could not have been moved by the terrible pictures coming out of Germany?

However, the best of intentions often bring terrible results. There couldn’t have been a worse place to locate a Jewish state than in the center of the Arab world.

The Arabs were not responsible for the Nazi death camps, so why were they singled out to make the sacrifice? Why not give them part of occupied Germany, or since Harry Truman led the charge, a Jewish homeland in the state of Missouri? That would have made more sense than humiliating the Arab world by taking away their land for this purpose.

There will be no peace in the Middle East until we undo this wrong and do away with the sovereign state of Israel.

The Jewish people can stay – after all, they lived and worked side by side with the Palestinians for years! They should not have the sovereign right to treat the Arabs as second-class citizens.

Robert F. Green


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