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God is my personal contractor

My kids love to build forts using couches, barstools and every blanket in the house. The mess drives me crazy, but I keep reminding myself that I used to build forts when I was their age.

The hardest part of building a fort was getting the blankets to stay where I put them so I could crawl in and pretend I was in a cave or a secret hideout. I loved building those things!

Throughout the Bible God talks about how he created us. In Hebrews 3:4, 6 it says, “For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything… and we are his house…”

It also says things like “I saw your unformed being,” “I wove you together in the secret place,” “I molded you in your mother’s womb…”

God had a lot of fun creating each of us. That’s why none of us look exactly alike. He wanted us all to have his own special touch.

The real fun for God is not just in creating our outward shell. It’s when he gets to live inside his creation.

It’s when we allow him to be the true builder of our lives and our dreams. It’s when he gets to crawl inside our hearts and fulfill his plan and his purpose for us.

The building process isn’t always fun and easy. But the outcome is priceless.

In his eyes we don’t become some lowly shack in the woods, not some overpriced home, not some fort in a living room.

To him we are castles – the priceless home where the king lives with all of his handcrafted stonework and unique designs. It is the symbol of his strength, power and accomplishment.

During this challenging year there will be a lot of people wondering about their value and their purpose. To a certain extent we will all ask the question “Why am I here?”

The answer is that we are here for God to live in us and through us. That’s why he made us. We are to show his glory through being his house, his castle.

Zachary Elliot is the pastor of Fusion Church,

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