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Get some perspective

Nice history lesson, Mr. Monday. Seems the Republicans are responsible for every crisis since the dawn of civilization.

As for the current financial meltdown I believe Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who were responsible for oversight on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were snoozing in their congressional offices when the crisis surfaced and whizzed by their sorry carcasses.

As for presidents – let’s talk about the last few. Democrat Bill Clinton (an aging lothario and a very good liar) was one of only two presidents impeached in the history of our country. Columnist George Will captured his essence: “He’s not the worst president we’ve ever had but he’s the worst person to have ever occupied the White House.”

George W. Bush was forced to deal with the worst security crisis this country has faced in a generation. Be honest; he saved your bacon the past eight years. When history reflects fully on his term in office he may go down as one of the greatest presidential patriots in history. But that’s just me. He’s a Republican.

Now let’s talk about Barack Obama and change we can believe in. So far he’s mortgaged the future of millions of Americans, nominated four people for his administration who (embarrassingly) had to withdraw, appointed an Attorney General whose law firm represents terrorists and a CIA boss with no intelligence experience. That’s not the change I was hoping for. He’s a Democrat.

Get some perspective, Monday. Watch Fox News once in a while.

Tom Conley


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