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Revisiting a new airport

With the passing of the “shock and awe” period of so-called diplomacy, isn’t it time to revisit the location for the new San Diego airport? Under Bush’s presidency, and the “gun-boot” diplomacy that held sway, the military/industrial complex was sacrosanct – “real patriots” would never question the status quo.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the voters sided with the “Hawks” and voted against asking the DOD to share Miramar’s runways with those “pesky” civilian airlines. Well, that was then, and this is now!

I know of no experienced pilot who would not agree that operating a fully-loaded B-747 from Lindberg Field would be suicidal, whereas, from Miramar MCAS – routine. Why should we have to commute to LAX to catch a direct flight to Asia or Europe? And I won’t even get into the “curfew” which applies to Lindberg Field.

I truly believe it is ridiculous to spend money on revamping Lindberg Field with “fixes” that are too little and too late! We should begin a grassroots appeal to the new and enlightened administration to construct a new international terminal on the south side of MCAS Miramar and to allow joint-use of the runways by long-haul civilian airlines. ’Nuff said!

Robert F. Green


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