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Both sides have made mistakes

It seems every time I read the Opinion page, the same people are attacking President Bush. Without a doubt, mistakes were made, but by both sides.

It is never mentioned that the CRA bill passed under Carter is the reason banks are forced to loan to unqualified persons, or that President Obama showed Acorn how to get funding to loan to unqualified persons. Nor is it mentioned that President Bush warned Congress who took no heed.

No mention either of how Joseph Kennedy and friends shorted the market, driving the economy down while making millions during Hoover’s term. Roosevelt, while creating some jobs, kept us in the longest recession we have ever known.

Was the war in the Middle East wrong? Perhaps, but we were untouched during President Bush’s term, which I for one am very grateful.

I certainly wish the best for our country under President Obama or any president for that matter. I do not support expecting those who have made prudent choices and lived within their means to bail out the ones who have not. This is, so far, a capitalist – not socialist – country. I love my country and whoever takes it in the right direction will have my support.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he shall not go hungry. Let’s hope that President Obama wants to teach people rather than have them depend on the government for all their needs.

Now, could we all move forward?

Marilyn Maness


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