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Outlook on abortion changed after video

Did you know that there is a doctor who had performed over 10,000 abortions and volunteered to perform one for a video; when he viewed the video, he walked out never to perform an abortion again.

Dr. Aleck Bourne in the article “A Doctor Speaks” in the London Express Jan. 25 quoted “I have never known a woman who, after her baby was born ‘alive’, was not overjoyed that I had not killed it.”

In many clinics, the women are never allowed to look at the ultrasound. When women ask questions during counseling before an abortion like, “Is it a baby?” or “How big is the baby?” the clinicians are advised to answer that it is tissue and clots.

It is advised when the woman asks if it is a boy or a girl to say that it is too early to tell as to not upset the patient.

The baby’s heart rate raises, the mouth opens and depending on the chosen procedure, the baby will start to fight violently in the womb.

Can you think of a baby who, if given the option to live or die, would choose to never be born no matter what the circumstances?

Leah Gerten


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