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I'm in a bit of a dilemma

I am a Republican by every inclination. I believe in tried and true Republican principles – you know, small government, states rights, don’t spend money we don’t have and never live on credit. In other words, do what’s best for America as a whole, not just for a favored few.

I’ve never been an “automaton” or a “lemming” Republican, i.e. I don’t feel it necessary to follow the party-line, if that path leads to a policy that is narrow and self-centered. My dear parents didn’t feel like this at all – they supported the party-line whatever it may have mandated. They would consider me a “maverick” in thinking for myself.

I sometimes feel like the early Christians must have felt when they wanted the scriptures translated into their own language, whereas the priesthood (i.e. the status quo) wanted to keep it strictly for the priesthood! I don’t feel like a “traitor” to my party – far from it – but I have to admit that some fellow Republicans view me as just that!

Perhaps in order to “clear the air” I should re-register as an Independent. But then, how do I go about influencing my party to improve its image? What do you think?

Robert F. Green


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