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'Hate' is a four-letter word

I’m cozy in my chair near the window,

To indulge in a pleasurable ritual,

As the sky awakens from its slumber

Reminding me to greet the day.

My husband peruses the morning paper,

Ensconced in his favorite chair.

I read the glaring headlines,

“Obama signs hate crimes bill.”

The four-letter word, ‘hate,’ emblazoned in red.

I succumb to tears from remorse and sadness

To recall people tormented through ignorance;

Crucified souls that demand retribution.

Others have paid a bigger price for the cause.

Harvey Milk proclaimed his humanity.

Matthew Shepherd dies in infamy.

Uncle Henry reclaims lost dignity.

Open wide the door to a tolerable world.

There’s room outside to make new friends.

Banish the destructiveness of fear and hate.

To encourage an emancipated relationship.

“President Obama signs hate crimes law

That extends civil rights protection to

People based on sexual orientation.”

How many lives has it taken to be free

To “hold the hand of a loved one.”


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